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Project Management

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Gain a Success With Us! 

TTBOC Project Management Services

  • Integration and Cost Management
  • Scope Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality and Risk Management
  • Become a Team member on a TBOC project. CLICK THE LINK below to apply CLICK THE TBOCCALLCENTER IMAGE to learn more.

Business Planing

Any area in which more efficiency can be established means it costs you less to operate that function. Our experts have extensive experience in helping businesses find these opportunities to operate in a more lean model with less waste. Work with us and we will have your entire operation operating seamlessly.

Cut Costs with more efficiencies

In addition to increasing revenues every business is looking for ways to cut costs. Our business consultants find cost savings in a variety of ways, including eliminating redundancies and integrating systems to work together better. Ultimately, our solutions allow you to take a significant cut on costs to operate.

Strategic Growth

Diversify your business! Are you seeing your market shift? Is it time to diversify?

Our business consultants can research new avenues , complimentary to your business model. This analysis includes barriers to entry and the opportunities available. You may also be engaging a new kind of buyer. We will work to get you caught up on that as well.

HR Planning

Provide organizational planning for adequate staff acquisition and team development; educate, train and develop team members, develop team building/motivation strategies, and activities

Active Projects

Pending Projects

  •  Children's Literary Project  - Design Phase  02/2018

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